Thursday, June 12, 2014

Massage Therapy – Doing What You Love!

Aspen Massage Intstitute offers a New LifeWe often post the great benefits of massage therapy and the fantastic results in natural healing, stress relief and overall well-being. What we don’t write about nearly enough is the positive and life changing experience of becoming a massage therapist and being the one that brings healing touch. It truly is our part of being a catalyst in helping people reach and surpass their life goals that honors us the most.

Helping People

The most important part of Aspen Massage Institute (AMI) is the people. From our professional staff, our students and every individual who reaches out to learn more, we relish the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world, backgrounds and lives. Some seek a new career, others have longed their entire lives to be massage therapists and others just want to help people. Regardless of their desires we welcome the chance to help them.

The Healing Touch

As humans we all need to feel the touch of another human being. Perhaps in its core that is what brings the power of massage. While we teach many different techniques, advanced anatomy and what is needed to pass national and state certifications exams, we never forget the essence of what we do is help people to feel better. Not only will you understand the power of touch and natural healing for your clients but also for yourself. You will find that helping others through touch results in a rewarding career where every day you make a difference in someone’s life.

Those that have spent years in this profession have wonderful stories of the people they have helped, but also the positive life changes they have personally experienced. They have learned that they can be more than stay at home parents, bartenders, corporate executives or paycheck earners. They can be people that reach out and help to heal, bring peace, reduce stress and make someone’s day better. The best part is they can also have a career that offers autonomy, good salaries and meaning.

Create a Great Future

As we finish one session at AMI and look at the sense of pride and accomplishment of another graduating class, we also see the excitement and nervousness of the students who will begin their studies soon. For those who will soon be Certified Massage Therapists we feel humbled and grateful to be part of their journey. For the students just beginning we look forward to becoming more than instructors but friends, associates and even their students.

Let's Get Started

If you have never experienced the wonderful experience of massage therapy and are in Aspen, visit us at Jean-Robert’s Gym and discover what bliss truly is. If you feel the lure to bring peace to others by becoming a massage therapist please contact us here. It is never too late to discover a career that brings you as much joy as your clients.

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