Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Passion Makes Perfect

We've had many people ask us why we have expanded our Certified Massage Therapist Program from 500 hours to 601. While there are a plethora of logistical, educational and practical reasons, we truly feel the best reason of all is simply because we want our students to succeed and love being massage therapists. That may sound a bit cliché, but before you judge us, read the story below.

Colorado Here I Come!

Diana and Patsy celebrating graduation.
For a normal east coast girl, Colorado may have felt a million miles from home, but when Diana D. left her small town in Maryland to attend the University of Denver she was ready for the change and a new beginning. She was filled with excitement and already falling in love with the environment, people, the mountains and her new home. Her need to help people was fulfilled as she worked with great non-profits like the Komen Race for The Cure and the Brent Eley Foundation in Denver.

The Search

When Diana's family moved to Aspen, she worked various jobs and tried many things, but none seemed to be a perfect fit. Her thoughts continually drifted back to the birth of her son and the short therapeutic massage she received from a massage student while still recovering in the hospital. "It was the first time I realized massage could be used for healing not just relaxing. I really wanted to be a massage therapist."

At times it was frustrating as she searched for a career that satisfied her children's' needs and her own. When reflecting on her situation Diana commented, "It was important to me that my children knew that not succeeding didn't mean you weren't successful. It just meant you had to keep trying." She never gave up on her dreams.

A Dream Come True

When she moved to Aspen she felt her hopes of becoming a massage therapist diminish. There were no schools within a manageable distance and she began to wonder if it was meant to be. She then heard of the opening of the Aspen Massage Institute (AMI). She immediately inquired, met the staff, and embarked on an adventure that would change her life. While she found it difficult to be back in school after so many years and with other students half her age, she worked hard and dedicated herself to learning.

It was harder than she expected, but she quickly realized the detailed anatomy lessons, multiple techniques and continual on-hands practice were teaching her to give more than back rubs. The advanced teaching and mentoring was guiding her to help people heal and become a successful part of an industry that is far more than just a job.

A Bright Future

Diana's tone brightens when she talks of graduating, passing her certification exams and becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. Now she is reaching out and helping people every time she goes to work. "I've given 70 massages in my first month and it is so rewarding." Everyone around her is affected by her positive attitude and the difference it makes when you are doing something you love.

"Never Stop Trying to Find Your Passion!"

This statement from Diana stands out the most when recounting her journey. Her courage and dedication is identical within so many of our students and graduates. We could share many stories of the women and men, of all ages, backgrounds and situations that are now doing what the love because they never gave up.

Join Us

Our fall session begins Sept 29, 2014 and runs through May 17, 2015. Classes are in the morning 9:00 am-1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The 8 month program will do more than just teach you numerous massage techniques, anatomy and allow you to pass your certification exams. Our caring staff will guide you and walk with you as you begin your new journey.

Contact us here today or call 970-300-4644 and let's get started.

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