Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 Reasons NOT to Become a Massage Therapist

We’ve all heard the great reasons why you should be a massage therapist, but perhaps it’s time to give the other side a chance... Here are 5 reasons you should stay with your current career  ;) 

1.  Cubicles are Cool!

Nothing beats a 4 x 4 foot space you can call your own. I mean who cares if the person next cubicle over makes annoying noises and picks their nose all day!

2.  Everyone loves working 8 in the morning until 5 at night, 5 days a week!

Of course some overtime is mandatory depending on workflow, but really — is daylight necessary?


3.  Paperwork is Fun!

There is nothing better than coming in on Monday to a stack of paperwork. Talk about motivation!

4. Three hour long meetings are a great place to meet people!

Who needs to climb mountains or ski to meet that perfect someone. A few hours hashing out metrics or how to reduce corporate costs by changing restroom supplies will make you look very attractive.

5.  Tyrannical bosses always give you something to write on Facebook!

A quote a day from this fellow will keep your Likes, Comments and Shares happening.

Ok, perhaps we mislead you just a bit, but the bottom line is being a Certified Massage Therapist is fun. You help people feel better, choose your own hours and enjoy your co-workers. Isn’t that what life is about?

Morning classes are starting September, Sept 29, 2014 and run through May 17, 2015. Classes are Monday - Friday, 9 am-1:30 pm.

Now print this out, get your red stapler and stick it on your cubicle wall. 

For more information call us at: 970-300-4644 or Register Here to start your new life.

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