Monday, November 24, 2014

Massage Therapy Helps You Feel Great

Massage Alleviates Stress
It would be safe to say that nearly everyone on earth has at one point received a back rub from a parent, friend or partner. A large number of us have been fortunate enough to enjoy a session from a certified massage therapist. Without a doubt a simple back rub or a massage session feels great, but time with a professionally trained massage therapist has many more benefits.

Goodbye Stress

First and foremost, massage is one of the best stress relievers in the world. Serotonin is released during the massage and studies are continuing to show it is a large contributor to feelings of well-being and peace. In addition, the simple act of touch has an amazing effect after a stressful day, hard work out or just plain anxiety. If you feeling a little down, you might be surprised how beneficial a massage can be.

Goodbye Pain

Therapists are also trained to help alleviate pain in their clients. The reduction of muscle tension allows blood to flow more easily and the aids the body to release natural pain relieving endorphins. It is definitely effective on more than just sore backs. People with arthritis, migraines, lupus, sports injuries and other conditions benefit greatly from weekly sessions.

Goodbye Doubt

There is a huge difference between a shoulder rub from a significant other and a session with a licensed therapist. The extensive training given to therapists allows them to isolate your needs and provide soothing relief. Studies have also shown that the increased levels of serotonin and dopamine do more than just decrease stress, but promote feelings happiness.

Hello Happiness

You may read this and decide today is the day for a massage. You also may be considering a massage session would be a great way to wind down after Thanksgiving or would make a great gift for Christmas. We concur, visit us at Jean-Robert's Gym and schedule your session today or purchase one for a friend.

Give the Gift of Joy

Perhaps you are curious about how you might become a therapist yourself. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing fields around the world today. As more people lean towards natural healing and better lifestyles the demand will only grow. Our next class session begins in April and seats are already being filled. Please click here or call us at 970-300-4644 and let's get you moving towards a new career today.

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