Friday, March 6, 2015

2/3 Of American Workers are Bored at Work. Are You One of Them?

Do You Jump out of Bed or Cry when the Alarm goes off?

According to a recent study from Gallup nearly 2/3 of America's workforce is disengaged at work. That means that roughly 7 out of 10 people are bored, don't care or don't like their jobs. This becomes very apparent when you talk to your friends about their day, share stories at work, or as you listen to yourself tell the people around you how much you dislike your own job.

Why Do So Many People Hate Their Job?

Most often people don’t like their job because they don’t like their boss. While there are numerous great bosses out there, if you have one that doesn’t care about you, only has aspirations of climbing the ladder, or is simply a poor leader, every day will be a struggle. Some people just feel trapped by circumstances. They want a new job, but they can’t afford to risk losing the one they have or they feel like they don't have time or money to go back to school.

Perhaps the most common reason people dislike their job is that they aren’t doing what they love. The Gallup poll showed that the millennials were the least engaged group, and this makes since because many feel this cohort has the strongest desire to do something great for the world and create social change. Being trapped in an office makes it difficult to truly and positively affect someone’s life. Doing what you love always makes any task easier.

There is Hope for an Awesome Career

Fortunately, there is always a way for those who choose to follow their dream and work hard to achieve their goals. You can be an engaged employee, one who enjoys going to work, loves the workplace and is committed to making things better. At AMI we have consistently found that our students excel because we teach them more than just how to become great massage therapists, but also how to love what they do.

Massage therapists have the unique opportunity to help people feel better, healthier and relaxed while also enjoying these same benefits themselves. As demand increases, more corporations, hospitals and sports teams are employing therapists to help their team members, athletes and patients. The best part is the training is months instead of years and classes fit around almost any busy schedule.

Start a Career You Love

As children we all wanted to be something special when we grew up. This is not out of reach. If you are a person that loves helping others, wants to be your own boss and set your own schedule, a career in Massage Therapy could be the answer.

The next class session starts April 6 and runs until October 22. Class times are Monday - Friday, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm. If you want to make a difference in people's lives or are doing a job you don't like, now is the time to change your future.

Contact us here or call us today at 970-300-4644 to discover how you can become the elite top third of Americans that are engaged and love their jobs.

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