Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A New Year and a New Lease on Life

As I sit and write this I’m thinking of how great this last year has been. I am proud and truly love the work we do at AMI and the lives that have changed due to our program. I’m also reminded of the numerous people I see that grudgingly enter work every day feeling trapped and sometimes even hopeless. I’m going to do my best to not make this a “salesy” blog post, but at the same time; I feel I really need to share with you what I feel in my heart.

A Repeating Theme

I glanced back over the posts from the year and there is definitely a trend. Too many people don’t like their jobs. Even here in Aspen, there are too many people who don’t feel in control of their lives and are unhappy. We see them every day, and honestly, it breaks my heart. My whole life has been centered on helping people reach their goals, whether that is in a healthy lifestyle or loving what they do. While I am grateful for all the successes, I also want to make sure we help as many as we can.

What Can You Do

First, check out our program here. This page describes AMI’s courses to become a Certified Massage Therapist. I lead you here because I want you to compare this to other programs. We have worked hard to develop a course that not only teaches how to do massage therapy, but also to provide our students more hands-on training, opportunities to practice, and give them the skills they need to market themselves and fulfill their dreams. I know if you look around you’ll quickly see we stand out above high volume programs that teach from a book, not from touch.

Second, visit us. We have regular events to introduce future students to the instructors and explain the highs and lows of entering this career. We believe anyone can succeed if they are committed to doing their best and our course is no different. You’ll find our entire staff is fully dedicated to helping all our students reach their goals. To date, every student that has gone through our program has passed their certification exams. Some have started their own business, some are working in high end spas, and some are working here.

Third, consider sending someone to massage school. I know this is a big one, but if you know someone that hates their job I encourage you to help them find a better one, one they will love. Maybe you can’t afford the whole tuition, offer to pay a portion of it or buy the books. If they have children, offer to babysit during class time or when they need time to study. It may be as simple as going to an informational event with them so they aren’t so nervous. You have the power to help someone change their life forever.

Perhaps you have read our blogs, visited the site, followed us on Facebook and dreamed about attending AMI but have never reached out. If this is you, pick up the phone right now and call 970-300-4644 and talk to us. We won’t pressure you and I promise you, we’ll answer all your questions, even the tough ones.

Happy New Year!

This time of year brings different emotions and thoughts in all of us as we think about the good times, bad times, and everything in between. I’m proud of what we’ve done this last year. Every time another class graduates we’re caught up in their excitement. The joy of seeing people exceed their expectations and start a new career doing something they love is contagious. So in keeping with that spirit, please let us know if we can help you in any way.

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