Wednesday, March 9, 2016

7 out of 10 People Don't Like their Job

That's one headline that crushes my soul. According to some recent statistics, over 70% of people don't like their jobs. That means over one half of the people you work with everyday don't want to be there. They aren't happy, they aren't fulfilled and they definitely don't feel like they are making a difference. Personally, I think that is a horrible way to live.

A Little Soap Box Talk

I surround myself with people that want to help other people succeed. Whether it is living a healthy lifestyle, supporting the community or empowering people to meet their goals, I am honored to call these people friends. I talk with many people throughout the week who have dreams that remain unfulfilled because they aren’t willing to create change or are afraid to try.

Twice a year we are allowed to meet a group of people committed to creating the life they desire. They are getting out of the box and doing something that is meaningful, fulfilling and will change their life forever. A month ago another set of great students walked into the Aspen Massage Institute with hope in their eyes and dreams in their hearts. I know I'm waxing philosophical a bit here, but there is no other way to describe what we see every time a new class walks in the first day.

Our Students Love Their Jobs

Our instructors make it their goal to ensure that our students are in the top 30% of the people who love their jobs and look forward to each day. Becoming a massage therapist is much more than back rubs and essential oils. It is about making a difference in everyone's life you touch and in your own. I’m reminded of this at every graduation when students share their stories and the excitement of a new career.

What do You Want?

I realize that this career isn’t for everyone, and now I’m focusing more on those of you who dream of going to massage school and changing your life. You can do it. We have the people and programs in place to help you succeed. We’ve created payment plans which will allow you to pay for your program and we offer the course at times that can work around virtually any schedule and family. Click around our site or give us call: 970-300-4644.

Chase Your Dreams

In closing I ask you to take a few minutes and watch the video below. I ran across it one day on Facebook and it moved me. I hope you see that today, you have the opportunity to create the future you always wanted.

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