Monday, June 13, 2016

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

The end of the school year brings memories of graduations and life changes. As we begin to prepare for our Fall Session at AMI we are also looking towards the future and how we can help more people. While we love teaching people how to love and succeed in a career in massage therapy, we also know that it takes someone special to truly become a great therapist.

Who do YOU want to beI Don’t Know What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Are you that person? Someone who wants to make a difference, but doesn’t know what is the right path for you? Are you still trying to figure it out?

Earlier in life I received some great advice on how to find out what I was meant to do and it has stuck with me. Hopefully it helps you too.

  • What drives you? This question isn’t about what you’re good at, or really even your skills. It’s about what makes you get up in the morning. Is there something you do that you can’t wait to do again the next day? There is no right or wrong answer. It may be solving problems in machine code, fixing cars, growing companies, or simply just helping others. What would you do if you could do anything? Simply, what do you love to do?

  • What are your greatest accomplishments? Don’t look at your medals or trophies, degrees, or keys to the city. Look inside. What have you done that made you feel the best about who you are? Did you save a company millions, develop a new marketing strategy, or help someone that was feeling down. This is about how you feel, not the awards you’ve received. 

  • What do you hate doing? This is a big one. I once had a friend who really wanted to do sales but hated talking to people. Quite the dilemma, and believe it or not the sales career never took off. Be specific, don’t just say, “I hate my job!” Determine exactly what you “hate” about it. Knowing what you don’t like to do can be very enlightening.

  • What are your goals? You knew at some point it would come to this, but this part is important. If your goal is financial freedom, you need to define what that means both monetarily and with work/life balance. If you goal is to get a degree, then which degree, and why? What are your family goals? Knowing and setting these goals will give you someplace to shoot for.

  • How hard are you willing to work? Everyone has dreams, but only the ones who make a plan and work hard reach them. What are you willing to give up to make your dream come true? For some it may be working a few years in a job they don’t like to learn a career they do. Some may forego a new car to invest in their future. Others give up their spare time, to create a better life. Your diligence not only affects your future, it can create it.

The Bottom Line

We love helping people discover how fulfilling and life changing a career in massage therapy can be. Our past and current students come from all walks of life, all ages, and from all over the world. They have one thing in common; they want to make a difference in their lives and those around them. They are determined to work hard to learn a career that allows them to help people feel better and healthier. We understand that this is not for everyone. It takes someone willing to test their limits, who want to be in control of their life, and is ready to reach their goals.

It’s About WHO you want to Be

Find Your Happy Place
As you start summer we encourage you to take some time and reflect on who you want to be. Obviously, Aspen is an awesome place to walk and meditate on the future, but wherever you are reading this, take some time and consider how your life could look different than it does today.

Our next session starts in the fall, and we would love to see you there. Until then, become who you truly are.

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